About Us

Udon SKM Manpower Co., Ltd. , is a team of recruitment expertise who specialize in providing quality Thai workforce to countries around the world such as Asia, South East Asia, Middle-east, Africa, Europe, North America

With our comprehensive approach and a database of pre-selected candidates, and extensive networking throughout Thailand, especially in northeastern region, we are confident that we will be able to synergize a win-win connection among our workforce and our clients.

All of our workers have shown themselves to be reliable and productive, and have been assessed as being easily adaptable to world wide work environment.

The focus of Udon SKM Manpower Co., Ltd. is on raising productivity through improved quality and efficiency of our workforce to meet our client & satisfaction and enable them to concentrate on their core business activities.

We are in the northeast of Thailand, an area that is recognized by employers around the world that The population in this region of Thailand is a good quality of work.